Getting your computer ready for eAudiobooks

Getting your computer ready for Audiobooks
(You only have to do this once per computer)

Download and install OverDrive Media Console
1. Go to
2. Choose Windows or Mac
3. Click the download button.
4. Follow the prompts clicking run, and next where appropriate. You will have to agree to the Terms of Service.
5. Your computer is now ready for Audiobooks from OverDrive.

You may need a Windows Media Player Security Upgrade

If you are using OverDrive Media Console for Windows, a security upgrade is required in order to play OverDrive titles. The first time you attempt to use OverDrive Media Console it will check to see if a security upgrade is needed. If prompted, follow the instructions provided in the prompts to complete the security upgrade.

Windows Media Player Security Upgrade
1. While connected to the Internet, open OverDrive Media Console.
2. Go to Tools > Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.
3. Follow the prompts clicking ‘Ok’ and ‘Play’ where appropriate.

You are now ready to use OverDrive audiobooks on your computer!
Our OverDrive site is Blue Ridge Download Consortium

Need more help? Contact us at CFPL.

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